“Life has moved on and thanks to you, it has gotten better, more focused and hopeful. Thank you!!! Concentrating on useful thoughts and specific smaller goals really helps.

I used the Charlize technique twice and it worked! Plus I have lost 5kg!!!

Exams are taking place the following two weeks and I am sure that they will go well. Now it is time to trust that the information is in the head.

All these positive changes have happened thanks to your words and the tools that you have shown me! The word “useful” is my best friend now!!! 🙂

I am just trying to take it goal by goal now which helps me not to get overwhelmed. Thanks for this!

Anna, thank you for all the support and encouragement that you have given me throughout the program! You have helped me to get to know myself better and most of all – let go of the need for perfection.

The life goals are now exciting instead of scary and the expression “Be Good to Yourself” has a whole new meaning now:) Thank you so much for all the helpful tools that you have provided me with, they really work. You are an amazing coach!”

Michaela, Student, Dublin

 “Before I started my program I had low days and quite often felt lacking in confidence at work. Sometimes I would feel overwhelmed at work. I also felt like I could never get the figure that I wanted. I didn’t feel much in control of my own life.

Anna helped me to see myself differently and to banish the negative assumptions I had been making about myself. She’s changed my mindset, and as I result, I feel capable, confident and aware of my own strengths and abilities. I’m also working towards getting the figure that I want, in a way that suits me. I drink more water, eat better and don’t beat myself up when I do indulge.

Now I feel better and look better. There are still all the ups and downs, but I’m in a much better place to deal with whatever is thrown at me positively. Even colleagues have commented on how calmly I can deal with a huge workload. With Anna’s tips I’m also sleeping better at night and my skin looks much better from all the water. I recommend Woman To Goddess to anyone who feels stuck in a rut, or lacks confidence or motivation. Anna has really helped me get so much closer to being the type of woman I want to be.”

Laura Mulkeen, Northern Ireland

“My experience with Anna was very positive. She’s is a very capable coach and also fun! During the time we worked together I never stopped having fun thanks to her examples, and I felt very supported during my program in between sessions too.

The tools I learned with Anna are easy to implement in my everyday life, and they’re tools for life. Many aspects of my life that needed a kick start were improved. I feel much happier in my everyday life, my focus and productivity have improved too, and I stopped feeling taken over by negative thoughts that had been blocking me.

I definitely recommend anyone who needs a boost in their life to do a program with Anna.”

Veronica, Madrid, Spain

Hi Anna, just to say a MASSIVE thank you for the coaching session on Saturday, it really helped me get through the mud fest that was Hell&Back on Sunday! It was physically draining from the mud and the rain so I really needed to draw on the techniques you taught me when my legs started to fail, I needed to really dig deep and push on and complete the challenge! I know if I hadn’t used the techniques it would have taken me so much longer and it would have been a lot tougher to complete the course!

 I’m really looking forward to working with you this year to help me in completing the Polar Circle Marathon, I will definitely need your expertise to get me through 26.2 miles in the snow.

Cannot highly recommend Anna enough to get you through whatever sporting challenges you set yourself!”

 Ruth Whelan, SFFitness Trainer, Dublin

“I cannot recommend Anna Aparicio enough. In just 60 minutes flat she has completely organized my entire business plan for 2011 and given me a shed load more free time”

Nisha Obaidullah, Pilates Fusion Bootcamp Director, UK

“Since I worked with Anna I was able to overcome the biggest problem I was facing which was gaining clarity around my business objectives. From working with her I have created a crystal clear plan, a targeted niche and a strategy to build a business. Within a couple of weeks of working with her I was getting more clients, making more valuable contacts and earning more money! I know a lot of coaches, and Anna is honestly one of the best I have ever worked with. Go call her now and book yourself in”

Cormac M, Headcase Founder, Meath

“Seriously I think I should be a poster girl for you Anna… I’ve been away on holidays, still sticking to my new lifestyle and am now down over 1 stone in 6 weeks but even more importantly, as you’d tell me, is that I have lost over 2 inches from my waist, another 2 from my hips and 1.5 from each arm, each thigh and each knee!! And I’ve been sail racing so much that I haven’t even done any of your miracle exercises… Starting those again this week now that I’m home again! Watch this space…”

C. O’Kelly, Dublin

“I did 4 coaching sessions with Anna via Skype. I’m really pleased I did the sessions with her. She helped me get clarity, take action, and build great habits. My time management is better, my stress levels are lower, and I get out on my mountain bike 3 times a week now. I am also organizing a workshop and with a little help from Anna I am really excited about it! I can’t wait to get up there on the night!!”

Brian Cooney, Sligo

“Thanks for the coaching. I feel more prepared than ever now to deal with client problems. The big thing is that now I have a valuable skill to help clients get better results. It’s also helped me to differentiate myself from the standard fitness trainer.”

Anthony, Fitness Trainer, UK

“Just to let you know that today is the end of my “first week” of good diet and exercise ( gentle due to back problems) and I can proudly tell you that I have lost 7.5lbs! I was eating well before but just couldn’t lose weight. Now I have done. As per your advice I’ve also taken all my measurements and will do so again in a couple of weeks time. Again , Anna, thanks so much for that evening seminar and all the advice… I really appreciate it!!”

Carol, Dublin

“Just wanted to say thanks! You are really helping me!!! I was used to leading a quiet life where people werent noticing me and I was walking around like a “shadow”, and now it feels like…..CABOOM….suddenly people want to see me!”

Mark, Dublin

“My new job is going great. I’ve used the techniques that you taught me to get through my “brain fog” and I’m delighted to say I’ve come through to the other side. Starting a new job is always a bit stressful but I have to say that our sessions have proved to be invaluable. I’ve had a few little wobbles along the way but then I took a moment and practiced some of the techniques as well as giving myself a good talking to! Everyday is a bit of an adventure at the moment but it’s all good!”

Ian M, Dublin

“I went to Anna because I was feeling inadequate and had lost my self confidence; she helped me through these issues and empowered me to see myself in a new and confident way. I feel better every day. Thank you Anna”

David Ellis, Wexford

“Thanks Anna for helping me to identify what was wrong in my behaviour. You really hit the nail on the head! I began to believe that my life can change for the bettter. And thanks to the techniques that you’ve shown me I dont have to be so negative any more”

Marek O, Dublin

“When I arrived to see Anna I was nervous and not too sure if she could help me. I needed help with my confidence and self-esteem. I’ve tried counselling, psychologists and psychotherapy, and even though I gained from all of these I feel NLP is practical with exercises that make sense. It gives you the tools to help yourself. Thanks Anna!”

Jenny W, South Dublin

“Thanks again for yesterday. It was a really good session and the confidence building technique was very powerful. I’m off to have fun with my ‘red confidence circle’ ”

Ciaran C, Dublin

“Thanks a mill for all the support, it’s been great. The motivation thing definitely helped, today I feel so much more motivated and focused on my goals!”

Sophie H, Dublin

“I really thought my first coaching session was wonderful, you were terrific and a kind nice person”

Caroline, Dublin

“My exciting news – well I think it’s exciting – is that in February I set myself a goal of running a marathon on May 2nd, a 10k one.

Yesterday I did it and enjoyed it and it was my first ever and it took  me about 57 minutes. I am really delighted with myself. ON top of that I have lost all that weight that I wanted to so I’m very pleased about that. Thank you for everything Anna.”

Elaine W, Roscommon

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What Anna’s seminar & workshop attendees are saying:


“One of the most enjoyable 2.5 hours lately! The atmosphere was fantastic and the content was so easy to understand and use in everyday life. even if someone thinks they are confident enough, they’ll definitely find ways for improvement”

“Delighted I went! I’m leaving with a bif smile on my face. Thank you Anna. Will definitely be using the techniques in the future” – Niamh Kelly

“A vibrant, dynamic and infectiously positive person – Anna’s a great role model!” – Rhona Gouldson

“Great! Really touching. The expressivity and communicability, some thoughts can really be of help when transmitted so skillfully!” – Nati Cervera

“It’s comforting to know a lot of women feel the same, and even Anna herself was suffering from low self-esteem. It’s an inspirational seminar and I’m looking forward to getting control back over my thoughts and putting all I’ve learnt into practice. Thank you Anna” – Anne Naughton

“Anna makes me feel that I can be that confident person I want to be, and gives great tips on how to switch your brain from negative into positive” – Ita Dunne

“A super evening Anna. really enjoyed it and very inspirational. looking forward to putting at all into operation. Thank you” – Geraldine Dunne

“A fun, informative and empowering seminar. Anna instilled a self-belief I knew I had but didn’t know how to release”

“Thanks very much Anna. As you said, everything is in the manual! Thanks for choosing helping others as your job; something so necessary and gratifying. And congratulations for doing it with such energy and enthusiasm” – Eva Pardo

“I’ve loved it! Especially Anna’s stage presence; she is so communicative and pleasant!” – Susana Muniz

“I’d like to congratulate Anna for her charisma at this seminar. What I liked the most was the NLP mantra she showed us” – Monica

“The best thing about this seminar is Anna, her energy and sense of humour. She makes things applicable”

“Many thanks for an excellent seminar last evening Anna – feel much more energized now. Some great refreshing techniques there for me” – Elaine Walsh

“Anna is the best advertisement for the workshop. She does not see herself as infallible. She is human and showcases all the techniques and tools she uses to offset the dilemas she faces in her own life. It was very useful and well explained. She is very knowledgeable and shows great intelligence and understanding”Maria McCarthy

“Anna is a very inspiring and motivating speaker. The seminar was a great reminder to me of my own strength and ability to achieve my goals. I feel stronger and happier. Thanks Anna!”Fionn Fitzpatrick

“This course gave me useful tools I needed in order to change my life. To look at my life in a more poritive way. I believe that what I learnt will last for a long time in my mind”Monika Szymariska

“I really loved the simple suggestions like “smiling” to change your feelings instantly. Thanks Anna”Ed Norton

“I recommend this course to everyone!”Oscar Aldana

“Really enjoyed it! Anna’s presenting style was very engaging and entertaining!”Rachel Henderson

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