Lose Weight And Become Emotionally Stronger

How to be emotionally stronger

Extinction Of The STRAIGHT Woman

Supermarkets say people won’t buy ugly vegetables, that’s why all the veg they stock look the same. Well, I’ve no problem buying ugly veg. In fact, I like my veg like I like my people, unique and a bit rough around the edges. There are no straight lines in nature, and we should celebrate that. […]

Why Strong Women Suck

Trying to stay strong? Find out why strong women suck!

How to Become A Stronger Person

Early today I made a comment on Facebook: I tell you one thing you need in order to change your life: you need to be stronger. Straight away, I received comments saying “it’s easier said than done”, and asking “how is one to be strong when things are bad?” It is, easier said than done, […]