Make Cocktails And Lose Weight

The Cocktail That Will Help You Lose Weight

Digging Your Grave With Your Teeth?

Digging Your Grave With Your Teeth..?

Feeding Babies Coke And Getting The Perfect Body

Feeding Babies Coke And Getting The Perfect Body…

Hungry ALL The Time?

Hungry ALL The Time? Can’t Stop Thinking About Food?

Needy Squirrels And What I REALLY REALLY Want

What I (And You) REALLY REALLY Need…

Extinction Of The STRAIGHT Woman

Supermarkets say people won’t buy ugly vegetables, that’s why all the veg they stock look the same. Well, I’ve no problem buying ugly veg. In fact, I like my veg like I like my people, unique and a bit rough around the edges. There are no straight lines in nature, and we should celebrate that. […]

6 Easy Steps to Help You Beat CRAVINGS

6 Easy Steps To Beating Cravings

2 Saboteurs Keeping Us Fat And Unfit

Scientists tell us these 2 saboteurs are keeping us fat and unfit! So what are they?!

Sassy Winter Salad

This winter salad is a winner: healthy, filling and totally sassy!

PUMPkin Soup

This healthy recipe for PUMPkin Soup is low calorie and will help you lose weight