A Friggin’ Queen At 17

A Friggin’ Queen At 17 (A Lesson On Attitude By A shy Teenager)

Are Your Anxious Attachment Issues Sabotaging Your Relationships?

Are Your Anxious Attachment Issues Sabotaging Your Relationships, Your Job, Your Happiness..?

Public Speaking Mistake Numero Uno

Do You’ve A Fear Of Speaking In Public?

Dealing With Bullies And Weirdo People

Bullies can destroy your confidence and leave you unable to trust people or deal with them effectively…

Be Like Coconut Oil (100% Raw.Natural.Organic)

Why You Should Be Like Coconut Oil… 100% Raw, Natural And Organic

Work Out And Bag The LOVE Of Your Life?!

Work out And Bag The LOVE Of Your Life?!

Needy Squirrels And What I REALLY REALLY Want

What I (And You) REALLY REALLY Need…

Extinction Of The STRAIGHT Woman

Supermarkets say people won’t buy ugly vegetables, that’s why all the veg they stock look the same. Well, I’ve no problem buying ugly veg. In fact, I like my veg like I like my people, unique and a bit rough around the edges. There are no straight lines in nature, and we should celebrate that. […]

What INSECURITY Does To Women

What Insecurity And Low Self-esteem Does To Women…

Is Your Weight Sabotaging Your Life?

The statistics say it all: Approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies. And yet, only 5% of women naturally possess the body type often portrayed as ideal in the media. A focus on appearance is at an all time high in our culture, and with this comes the potential for a negative body-image, […]