Sparky’s Philosophy For Success

Sparky’s Philosophy For Life

Are You Depressed? Take This Test And Find Out

Are You Depressed? Take This Test And Find Out

14 Signs You Need A Change

10 Signs You Need A Change

Find Your Passion In Life

Do you want to find your passion and purpose in life?

2 Little Ones With A Massive Attitude

Here Sophia Grace and her cousin Rosie show you the kind of Energy, Passion and Attitude that it takes to achieve what you want in life

3 Tips For Life Radio Interview

In this podcast Anna talks to Peter Kearney of Near 90.3FM’s “Lifeline” about NLP and how you can use it to improve your life

When Grief Takes Over

Grief is a natural human process that tends to get better with time. But what if it doesn’t…?


Ever wondered what kind of life your Coach has lived? Read this and get to know Anna better

Sticky Chicken Drumsticks

Anna’s recipes have been specifically designed to compliment your workout program, speed up fat loss and boost health

10 Steps To A Fresh Start

Need a fresh start? Use this NLP technique to re-energize and invigorate yourself