The Happiness Habit Course


This is also the Foundation Level Training towards the Diploma in Mind Coaching

Upon completion participants will receive a Certificate issued by the International Association Of Mind Coaches

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Brain Hack Course










Where: Your computer, your home

When: Starts 16th September, 2014

What: If therapy, counseling, and will power have failed you, in this course you will discover how the different systems of the brain work, and how they affect the way you think, feel, act and react to things.

As you gain a better understanding of how your mind works, you’ll also learn easy to implement brain tips to help you overcome stress, anxiety, depressive episodes and other stubborn patterns.

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Kick Start Your Life Coaching Program

Feeling a bit deflated, a bit bit lost in life, or just stuck in a particular area? You might just need a bit of a kick start!

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Woman To Goddess Coaching Program ( For Women)

Are you unhappy with one or more areas of your life? Maybe you’ve reached a crossroads or feel like there are things you should have achieved by now, but you haven’t.

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