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Are You Unhappy In Certain Areas Of Your Life?

Do You Feel Stuck Or At A Crossroads,

But You Don’t Know What To Do To

Make Things Better?

Life can get overwhelming at times. With tons of personal and professional responsibilities, commitments, decisions to make, goals to achieve… sometimes it can all get too much for us girls, and we can end up losing ourselves, or losing clarity and direction. If you…

  •  feel stuck, confused, or afraid of failing
  •  are caught up in a cycle of negative thinking and tired of feeling low
  •  have lost your Self-confidence, or Motivation, and don’t know what to do to feel better

I’m Looking For Women With The Desire To Make Some Positive Changes In The Next 4-6 Weeks And Who Are 100% Committed To Doing What It Takes

Join my WOMAN TO GODDESS Coaching Program and get:

  • An Introductory Phone Consultation
  • 4 x 1-To-1 (one and a half hour long and pre-scheduled)  Skype Coaching Sessions, focusing on areas you need help with: motivation confidence, self-esteem, personal or professional goals, organization and time management…
  • Workable tools you’ll be able to put into practice straight away
  • Weekly Accountability Check-ins in between your coaching sessions to make sure you stay on track
  • Unlimited  email/phone Access to me for any questions you may have or extra support you may need during the course of your program
  • A motivational partner who truly cares and will support you throughout
  • Discounted Rates to upcoming seminars and workshops
  • Tons of follow up information, articles, videos… so you never feel like you’re on your own
  • Exclusive Access to my Top Secret Facebook Group For Women, where you’ll get unconditional support and friendship from  many of my clients and seminar attendees
  • A Free Copy of my e-book Woman To Goddess where you’ll discover the 7 characteristics of naturally confident women; skills that you too can learn and develop

Dublin Life Coach Uses NLP And Coaching For Self-confidence

Investment for this program is 397 Euro

  Every Month I Take On A Select Group Of Women

ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT For The Program Starting In March 2014

So, Tell Me… Why Should I Choose You?


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I came across Anna’s coaching course in a magazine and I thought it looked interesting. At the time I was feeling stuck in a rut, I felt my life was at a standstill while all my friends had moved on with their lives. I contacted Anna and we worked together over 6 weeks. Anna is a great coach, she’s really down to earth and easy to open up to. She’s given me the tools and strategies to move my life forward in the direction I want to go, and opened my eyes up to things I was doing myself to prevent that from happening. I now feel more confident that I can achieve whatever my goals are in life and I would highly recommend Anna’s coaching to anyone who is feeling the way I did.

J. F., Dublin

I would highly recommend Anna’s Woman To Goddess coaching program for any woman who feels a little lost in life, unsure of themselves and the direction they are going. She has completely changed the way I deal with my thoughts.

Anna, you have given me the strength, confidence and motivation to believe in myself and to really go for what I want in life – without your help and advice I would be doomed for a mediocre life without passion, which would leave me devastatingly unhappy. As a result of taking part in this program I will follow my dreams, set goals and motivate myself to follow them through. I will reach for the stars and continue to grow, thanks Anna for showing me how to do this!

Clea Mahon, Dublin

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and support in my coaching sessions. I feel so much more positive and optimistic about the direction my life is going (or rather the way I’m steering my life). You have a great gift of not just being honest and approachable BUT HAVING A BEAUTIFUL ENERGY. I really feel I benefited so much from the sessions and feel empowered to be the best I can be. The neuro-hypnotic repatterning was amazing. I don’t know how it works but it works. I would strongly recommend anyone going to you. Thanks again

Fiona Smyth, Dublin

My experience with Anna was very positive. She’s is a very capable coach and also fun! During the time we worked together I never stopped having fun thanks to her examples, and I felt very supported during my program in between sessions too.

The tools I learnt with Anna are easy to implement in my everyday life and they’re tools for life. Many aspects of my life that needed a kick start were improved. I feel much happier in my everyday life, my focus and productivity have improved too, and I stopped feeling taken over by negative thoughts that had been blocking me. I definitely recommend anyone who needs a boost in their life to do a program with Anna.

Veronica G, Madrid, Spain

I worked with Anna over a number of weeks. I found her to be very professional and direct, yet supportive. As a business professional in my mid 30’s, this style worked well for me. With Anna there are no excuses and no places to hide. While I initially showed up with what I thought was making me unhappy, over the course of a few weeks, I quickly discovered my truth; The goal I thought would make me happy – meeting a man – was not in fact my primary issue – improving my work and home environment to help me feel more happy was. Anna gradually coached me towards this realization and although I had read about this cliché in many self-help books, it proved a really good learning experience to gradually discover this in my own life. With my new focus, I set some new goals. I have made good progress on these and feel like I am creating a more positive and welcoming environment to invite and create all sorts of new ‘love’ experiences in my life – with my family, colleagues, new friends, and who knows… 😉 Thanks Anna for the discovery and the new plan!

Sandra C, Dublin

Hi Anna, I wanted to send you a message to let you know how things are going since my sessions with you back in June and July. My holiday was brilliant, and I had a huge amount of fun. I have lost about 5 kg and am now at my ideal weight of 57 kg. I am socializing a lot with friends and generally enjoying life! My eating habits are healthy and controlled, and I have adopted your chocolate tip. I made one bar last a month, which is like a modern day miracle for me! Thank you for all your help.
Natacha G, London, UK

I had my last session of Woman To Goddess Today 🙁 I have to say, it has been fantastic for me… helped me with so many things and on so many different levels… I am delighted I did it and can recommend it to anyone who wants to change their life for the better. Big thank you Anna x

Pamela McCormack, Dublin

I found your program really beneficial. I felt you took a genuine interest in my life and in how you could help me improve it. I would definitely recommend you to other girls my age as I think a lot of young girls like me feel very self conscious and worry a lot about what others think of them. Talking with you made me feel much more relaxed about these things and as you taught me, I always think “so what!”. It was nice to spend some time exploring things about myself that if it weren’t for our sessions I would not have really thought about. I think I will use the stuff you taught me in many aspects of life. Thanks Anna

Niamh O’Donnell, Dublin

I found Anna’s “Woman To Goddess Coaching Program” excellent! I have gained a new perspective on life, work and relationships, as well as the skills to deal with challenges in these areas and be a happier, more motivated and rounded person. I enjoyed each coaching session, and learned loads. I found Anna to be kind, friendly, non judgemental, supportive, professional and wise – I would highly recommend coaching with her!

Aishling, Dublin

I had been struggling for a number of years with food cravings and over eating. I felt terrible physically and emotionally, confused and guilty for sabotaging the benefits of my healthy eating. Anna simplified things for me and made me realize how complicated I had made things for myself. Within one week of my first coaching session with her my cravings for junk food had stopped. Being in control of my eating habits has made me feel in control in so many other areas of my life. I feel so much more confident and motivated. My only regret is not going to see Anna sooner. Anna has stayed in touch with me. She genuinely cares about her clients. Thanks again Anna

Rosie, Dublin