Job Hunting With Little Experience In A Bad Economy?

Job Hunting In A Bad Economy And With Little Experience?

6 Ways To Get What You Want

6 Simple Ways To Influence People And Get What You Want

How Vagus Can Heal You

      Good news! Scientists have discovered positive emotions can heal us.       They also think to have found the mysterious doorway that allows our brain to rule over our bodies: The Vagus Nerve. “It’s the structure that unites body and mind” says Thomas Shlapfer, psychiatrist at the Bonn University Hospital in Germany.       The vagus […]

Can’t Think Straight? Take Up Brainaerobics! Part 1

Feel like your brain is stuck? Can’t think straight? Take on Brainaerobics and prepare for a big turnaround!

5 Christmas Survival Tips To Help You Stay Slim & Stress Free

Christmas survival tips to help you stay slim and stress free this year!

When People Try To Bring You Down

What do you do when people try to bring you down or sabotage your dreams and goals?


Ever wondered what kind of life your Coach has lived? Read this and get to know Anna better

Wishing You A…

NLP Life Coach Anna Aparicio wishes you a Merry Christmas!

101 Great Ways To Enhance Your Career

Ireland’s top NLP Life Coach Anna Aparicio is a Dublin based NLP Hypnosis Life Coach who uses NLP – neuro linguistic programming and hypnosis to coach her clients…

Stop wishing and start reprogramming

NLP Life Coach Anna Aparicio is Dublin’s Top NLP Hypnosis Life Coach and uses neuro linguistic programming and hypnosis to boost your confidence, get motivated, lose weight, achieve goals