Vivienne Goodwin is one of the three recent mums who appeared in The Afternoon Show’s “Start again in 2010” baby weight loss challenge.

She is a busy mum of three from Drogheda who, with the help of Ireland’s top fitness trainer John O’Connell, lost 2 stone in 8 weeks!

Her great attitude and determination has inspired many people across the country, including me. So I asked her to share her secrets with all of us, to which she kindly agreed. Thank you Vivienne!

1/ How were things before you decided to apply for The Afternoon Show’s challenge?

I was very self conscious about my weight but felt it was an impossibly difficult task to try to lose weight. It was soul destroying when I went shopping for clothes, nothing would fit. I was tired all the time and had no energy. I was breathless on going up the stairs and I was finding it difficult to bend down to help my kids with little tasks like putting on their shoes. I avoided social situations as much as I could and had stopped going swimming or on walks with the family.

2/What made you apply?

I used to sit on the sofa in the afternoon feeding my baby (and myself) and watch the afternoon show. When they advertised the “start again in 2010” programme I thought ‘could that be for me?’.  I watched all the reality diet programmes and always wished it was me. I was unsure whether I really wanted to put myself in such a public domain but I really felt I needed help and it was now or never. Drastic measures were needed.

3/How did you fit your training and new food habits around your already busy life?

I have wonderful family and friends around me and when I asked for support they all rallied around. I have to admit at times I had to be selfish and just drop everything and go training. Food wise I needed to be really organised, shop frequently and bring my food with me if I was going out anywhere.

4/What is the biggest challenge you’ve overcome and how?

Probably my biggest challenge has been going out to the gym. I felt embarrassed at the beginning being in the gym amongst a lot of fit people but I am ignoring them now and focusing on my own training session. Also I sometimes I will use any excuse not to go, but my husband knows me well and pushes me out the door!!

5/How did you keep motivated?

The results have really kept me motivated. losing the weight and feeling fitter and more energised. Being on the show of course has been an added incentive. The support I have got from a wide range of people has been so encouraging and definitely motivates me to continue. Mostly my hubby and kids and my own health are a huge motivation.

6/What has this experience taught you?

that I can achieve things if I really focus and work hard for it. It’s taught me to grasp opportunities and not let them pass me by.

7/What inspired you during this process?

The encouragement and support from everybody around me and people I have met has been the most inspiring thing during this process. It really has spurred me on and made me more determined to keep going and reach my goal.



Vivienne looking amazing after her transformation



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