2 things I do to burn fat 24 hours a day

Log jumps and squat jumps are two highly effective fat burning exercises. When performed correctly and in the right format they can help you increase your metabolism.

This means you can burn fat more of the time. Even when you sleep!

Do as I do and follow the advice of Ireland’s top fitness trainer John O’Connell. When doing log jumps keep your tummy tight and your hips down. When doing squat jumps, land softly and always look forward.

Try doing 30 seconds of each exercise back to back and rest for 30 seconds. To increase difficulty increase working time and decrease resting time, i.e.: 45 secs each back to back and 10 secs rest.

When you put lots of energy into it and really get out of breath, a 10-12 minute workout can have you burning fat for hours on end!

Here’s two short videos of me and my friend Ali working out, recorded on Paddy’s day! (you may have to press play twice).


Find more videos like this on SuperFastFitness

Find more videos like this on SuperFastFitness

Let me know how this works for you!




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