How to get motivated

As a life coach, it is one of the main complaints I hear from my clients: How do I get motivated?

Have you ever noticed (maybe on your way to work in the morning) the usual 6am-er running outside in the middle of winter? You maybe in your car or on the bus, wrapped in layers, sipping a coffee and wishing you’d called in sick.. and your one is running in the rain and cold, in a pair of leggings!

How do they do it?!

The answer is, they discipline themselves to do it, or in other words, they make themselves do it, whether they feel like it or not.

They are no different to you and me. They are certainly not superhuman. But, they most likely have a goal they are working towards, like running a marathon, for example. Whatever their goal is, I bet you it is extremely important for them.

So, they get disciplined. They make sure they do what is necessary, because the pain of not doing it is worst than the pain they get doing it. Does this make sense?

Now, once they are out and they start running, the morning fresh air, the tranquil atmosphere, the motivating music on the ipod, endorphins and other feel good hormones quick in, and that run quickly starts to feel just so right!

It is easier to become motivated once you have started doing what you wanted to be motivated to do.

So, next time you ask yourself how you can get motivated to do something,  just do it! Start doing whatever it is, and watch, hear and feel yourself getting more and more motivated as you do that thing!

There are also very powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques you can learn to get motivated in an instant.

Whether you want to get super motivated or a little bit motivated, whether you want to get motivated for a long time, or for just a while… when you discover these cutting edge mind techniques  there will be no stopping you!



Go for it!

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