COACH HIRE – luxury or necessity?

To this day whenever someone asks me what I do for a living and I mention the words life and coach, I still get a lot of “Huh?”s.

Even though Life Coaching has been big for the past two decades in the US, and has quickly caught up in the UK, it is still relatively new in Ireland, and sometimes talked about with skepticism.

Kept a secret for a long time, recently many high flying business people, actors and celebrities attribute their confidence and career success to hiring a Life Coach.

Lady Victoria Hervey has said of his Life Coach Burrel Wilks that “his job was to get me focused on what I need to do, and he’s done exactly that”.

Spiderman 3 actress Bryce Dallas credits her Life Coach Sherri Ziff Lester with helping her cope with the demands of show business, enabling her to better prioritise her time and stay in control during press interviews.

Singer Kelly Rowland says that her coach helped her curb her addiction to chocolate and describes him as “her secret weapon”.

Hiring a Life Coach is not just for celebs any more. What we once thought of as a luxury, has now become a necessity for many people. It helps them cope better in today’s rapidly changing society.

Essentially, life coaching helps you live life on your own terms, enhance the quality of your life, and shape and achieve your personal goals. These could be career, health and fitness, relationship or personal development goals.

Some describe it as a Bootcamp for your brain! No army style shouting involved…

While some coaches work over the phone, or by email, NLP Accredited Life Coaches do it mainly in person.

We use Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and other mind technologies that can have massive transformative effect.

This type of coaching can help people quit smoking, lose weight, boost confidence and motivation, eliminate phobias… and other issues that may have been holding you back in life.

When hiring your Life Coach, it’s vital to search for a qualified and accredited coach.

In Ireland, The Irish Institute of NLP produces the best quality NLP Coaches.

In order to find a suitable coach for you, word of mouth and relying on your own judgement are likely to find you a suitable coach.

However,  make sure you talk to them in person or over the phone first,  so you get answers to any questions you may have before committing to anything.

This way you’ll also get an idea of their personality and if you are suitable for each other. And you should also ask for references and testimonials from previous clients.

Mary,  a client, came to me because she couldn’t bear to get up in the mornings. She was feeling lethargic, confused about life and lacking motivation.

After our first session, she left with a spring on her step, a sparkle in her eyes, and ready to take on anything!

“Is it possible to feel this excited after just one session?” she asked, surprised.

With a cocktail of a burning desire for change, and the adequate mental preparation, change can really happen in an instant!






Kelly and her Coach

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