My secrets to reversing the aging process – Secret No. 1

Forget about haemorrhoid creams, botox and cosmetic surgery!

In November 2009, some of the leading anti-aging biologists and experts in the world gathered  at the Anti-aging Summit.

Bill Andrews, PhD and CEO of Sierra Sciences explained how extending telomeres may be able to alter the human aging process as we know it.


I know, that was my reaction too! So let me put it as simply as I can…

The human body is made up of 100 trillion cells. According to theory, you age because your cells age.

So, if you can control the aging process in your cells, you should be able to control your aging.

Every cell contains a nucleus. Inside the nucleus are the chromosomes that contain your genes.

At the very tip of each arm of the chromosome is where you’ll find the pesky telomere.

Immediately after you are born, your cells begin to divide, and your telomeres begin to shorten each time the cell divides.

Once your telomeres have been reduced to about 5,000 bases, you essentially die of old age!

While the telomere shortening process cannot be affected or stopped by healthy eating habits or exercise, it’s important to realize that telomere shortening can be accelerated by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Obesity, lack of exercise, psychological stress and smoking, all cause production of free radicals.

Free radicals can cleave telomeres, which speeds up the telomere shortening process.

So, don’t you be hitting the cookie jar just yet!

You CAN control this accelerated telomere shortening, by eating healthy, exercising,  managing stress, and taking antioxidants; all the strategies that make for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

There are studies in progress showing that increasing glutathione levels will actually help reverse this aging process.

Now, glutathione (GHS) is not a compound you can ingest directly.  But it’s been confirmed with some of the leading scientists at the 2009 Longevity Summit that you can actually increase your glutathione levels through dietary manipulation.

And one of the most potent dietary strategies to increase your glutathione levels is Whey Protein!

It seems like bodybuilders have been ahead of us for years!

Just remember that there are vast differences between whey products. You’ll want to make sure your whey protein is of high quality and very carefully processed.

Well, It seems that adding whey protein to your daily diet is something you can do today, which may help you lead a longer life.

I don’t know about you but I am going to keep taking my post workout protein shakes!




Dara Torres, 41

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