Delight at the end of the tunnel

Two fishermen went off on their daily trip off shore.

The first one stayed close to shore and spent the day listening to the radio while waiting for the fish to get into his net.

The second fisherman chose to venture further off shore and try different spots during the day.

He regularly checked his net, adjusted it when necessary, and moved to a different spot whenever he noticed that catch wouldn’t be good were he was.

In the afternoon, a storm struck and the seas got rough.

The first fisherman saw lightning and got scared. He didn’t want to get wet and cold so he packed up his things and hurried back to shore.

The second fisherman was also a bit afraid but chose to stay and worked hard in the rain and cold until late in the afternoon.

Then, in the distance, he saw a rock formation resembling a tunnel, and he decided to take shelter there while he kept fishing until sunset.

Surprisingly, it turned out fish were abundant in this spot under the tunnel. The second fisherman was shocked and delighted with himself.

Back in the harbour the first fisherman had spend the afternoon in the canteen. As he came out to head back home ,the two fishermen met and talked about their catch.

The first one said angrily: “Terrible day, I didn’t catch a thing. There’s just nothing out there these days. My family will have to eat potatoes for dinner again tonight!”

The second fisherman nodded and smiled while loading his bike with bags full of fresh fish.

This story illustrates the what in my opinion make healthy people get healthier and unhealthy people get unhealthier.

This is why fit people get even fitter and unfit people stay unfit. Because they are not prepared to do what it takes.

Whatever it is you want in life, you can have it, as long as you are willing to go the extra mile.

Through rough or calm seas, keep sailing, adjusting your direction and taking risks.

And never ever give up!





If you want to catch a big fish, you need to think big!

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