Struggling to stay motivated?

You may have been following The Afternoon Show’s feature on 3 mums on a journey to lose their baby weight, helped by top fitness trainer (and hubby of mine) John O’Connell.

Yesterday was their second weighing. Catriona, Eireann and Vivienne have lost quite an amazing amount of weight already since they started a few weeks ago.

The fat is melting, the inches dropping, and the waists are shrinking fast, thanks to a personalised nutrition programme and John’s super effective training system.

Getting to your ideal shape and size is not easy, and it requires much more than just getting through the training sessions and being good with food.

Two of the women agree they are finding it hard to stay motivated, stay off the chocolate and adhere to the training programme. Vivienne isn’t.

As John says, we all have about sixty thousand thoughts a day, three meals, and one training session.

Sixty thousand thoughts a day. You better make them good ones!

There is something that Vivienne is doing differently that both her trainer and I agree will greatly accelerate the process of regaining her pre-baby shape.

They all lead very busy lives, with several kids between them, work, college, homework… it’s easy to lose focus when one is tired.

This is when most people trade their fitness goals for a bar of chocolate, or skip their training session to watch some TV.

Not Vivienne. She says she is extremely motivated.

When asked what keeps her so motivated, she said she just keeps focused on the end result.

Keep focusing on what you want. Simple.

You want to do that not only now and again, when you remember what it is that you want, but all the time.

When you are training, instead of telling yourself how hard it is, think about the way you want to look and feel good.

Every time you eat, if you feel temped to eat unhealthy foods, make a picture in your mind where you see yourself looking and feeling great.

When you are tired, cranky, sad, stressed out… instead of motivating yourself to give up, motivate yourself to keep going by reminding yourself of what it is you want, and why it is so important to you to do what it takes to get it.

Realise that with every good decision you make, big or small, you are getting closer and closer to your objective.

This is why having the right attitude is vital.

You can have the best fitness trainer in the world, the best nutritional program, you can have a chef to cook your food… it doesn’t matter, because without the right attitude, I can guarantee you will get no results, or very poor ones.

Some people will never do anything to change their attitude, get focused and super motivated so they can achieve their fitness goals in record time.

Some people are just lazy, other make excuses, others think this is just a lot of BS.

Those are the people who will never achieve their health and fitness goals.

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