A Friggin’ Queen At 17

Imagine being 17 years old and coming to see someone like me.

That’s exactly who I got to coach this week, a shy 17 year old young lady.

Amongst other reasons, she told me she came to see me cos she’s lazy.

“Now, you and I know that’s not true” I said “so who’s been trying to make you believe that?”

I already knew the answer to that by the ways.

Cos you know, people do that. They put their stuff on you, label you, lie to you, make you feel bad.

Truth is, at 17, few things excited me enough to get off my arse for longer than 2 minutes, except for rock concerts, booze, and that two timing asshole of a boyfriend I had.

But that’s another email, which I will write actually.

Anyways, in an hour and a half I revealed to her mind secrets most people her age and beyond will never even hear of.

We tested them out too.

I wanted her to go home not just feeling like a friggin’ Queen, but also knowing exactly what to do to feel amazingly confident, happy and motivated for a loooong time to come.

At the end of our session I asked if she had any questions.

She said no.


She said yeah, she really loved the session.

I was both pleasantly shocked and humbled.

I often get decent heartfelt thank yous from clients, but this cute shy 17 year old was so grateful and appreciative it melted my heart a little.

This tells me she’s gonna do friggin’ great. She is.

Cos Gratitude is the best Attitude.

And when you have a good attitude like she has, anything is possible.


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