Are Your Anxious Attachment Issues Sabotaging Your Relationships?

Do you ever avoid having to ask for help?

Do you spend your time giving to others at the expense of your own happiness?

Maybe you’re often on ‘high alert’, expecting something to go wrong any minute..

Then there’s a good chance you’ve Anxious Attachment issues. Yep.

Stemming from infancy and how your most basic needs were met by your caregivers, Anxious Attachment could be sabotaging your career, your relationships, and your happiness!

Emotional misattunement can cause kids to develop insecure attachment strategies in adulthood.

I know cos I spent my teens and twenties severely misattuned! #owningup

Kids with messed up attachment patterns grow up to be self-critical and insecure…

•    They constantly seek approval and reassurance from others. They over apologize
•    They’ve a fear of being rejected, which leads them to worry and have trust issues, and not expressing feelings cos of this fear
•    Overly sensitive to rejection, they end up sabotaging relationships or jobs because of this
•    They’re overly clingy or over dependent with their partner. They take things personally
•    They’re self-critical, insecure, and rely on other people to validate their self-worth

In some cases, the fear and anxiety can lead to more serious emotional disturbances, such as depression. Yep, I surfed this wave too for a while!

So, what do you do when you recognize these symptoms in yourself?

1.    You gotta Heal and rebuild your Self-esteem
2.    Learn to be Assertive and Speak your mind. Express your Emotional Needs in a healthy adulty way
3.    Release the real Authentic You
4.    Leave mind Games and Manipulation behind
5.    Practice Acceptance with yourself and others
6.    Stop Reacting and learn to resolve conflict effectively
7.    Become more Secure and Interdependent in your relationships, as opposed to co-dependent

Easier said than done right?

Totes, took me years to crack the friggin’ code!

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