Need To Lose Weight? How I Lost 1st Without Trying

What’s been bothering you most lately, you know, getting you down, preventing you from being happy?

I asked a client this very same question last week.

“My Weight” she replied.

Now, I don’t hold the big kahuna secret to weight loss for every single person on Earth, but I do know a lot, a lot, about the thing.

To begin with, if you call it “My weight”, you’re gonna find it practically impossible to get rid of it, no matter what you do or how hard you try… <– Tip numero uno right here, totally gratis. You’re welcome 😉

It’s NOT your weight, it’s stuff your body is holding onto. It’s more than just fat and toxins too.

And trust me, there’s a reason your body is holding onto it. In fact, there are many reasons…

> Every time you’ve wanted to say something to someone but held your tongue
> Every time someone said something stupid and you wanted to punch them in the face, but you didn’t
> Every time you got angry at someone but didn’t express it in any way and held onto it for hours, days, months

> Every time you’ve been hurt but acted as if you were grand
> Every grudge you’ve ever held onto, even if you don’t want to admit it
> Every time you’ve pretended to be all strong and confident but really, you felt vulnerable and insecure…

Because it’s not just food we eat, it’s our undealt with, unprocessed, unhealed emotions we savage.

In a society where we’re taught to be nice over being honest, millions of people are eating their emotions, ballooning up to outrageous weights and finding it f*cking impossible to lose weight.

And yet, in the past year I’ve lost 9kgs, that’s over a stone, without needing or trying to lose it.

I never went on a diet, didn’t go on a crazy exercise regime, no pills, no creams, no nothing.

Now, clients and friends keep asking me to give them tips.

Members of my new WWW platform will get so much more than a few tips, man. I’ll be sharing exactly how I did it, and how you too can finally lose those stubborn pounds and not have to worry about putting them back on ever again…


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