When The Law Of Attraction Goes Wrong

Be careful what you wish for, cos you might just get it!

And we often do, get exactly what we want, or at least something ridiculously close.

Cos as it happens, most of us are pretty good at manifesting.

Problem is, when you ask the universe – God, Buddha or whatever deity tickles your fancy – to bring stuff your way, you probably won’t get it when you want it or need it.

You’ll get it when you get it.

Whether you ask for a new home, a better job, or a partner who’s just right for you, sometimes you get UCS (Universal Courier Service) knock on your door at the worst possible time.

See, the cosmos can be a bit of a rascal and test us like this.

If you don’t get that this is an important test, you might end up unconsciously sabotaging the whole thing and regretting it laters.

So, the test in question consists of one single question:

How much do you really want this?

This is where the universe “separates the men from the boys” type of thing.

Were you messing when you asked for your gift, or did you really mean it?

If you really meant it, you won’t mind as much that it was delivered at the “wrong time”.

I mean, you might freak out a bit or a lot, but soon you’ll realize what a lucky so and so you really are.

Then, having put fears and concerns aside, you’ll get stuck in like a baby to wrapping paper.

You will.

But if you only half meant your cosmic order, you better be prepared for the consequences… which might create ripples and waves that could mess up your life for months to come.

See, when you manifest riches, abundance, love or what’ll have you into your life, you can’t just do it willy-nilly, you gotta follow the universal laws of manifestation.

In my new WWW program, I’ll be unveiling exactly how I manifest amazing stuff in my life aaall the time.

No more sabotaging your life.

Stay tuned…


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