The Cosmic Phenomenon Turning Your Life Upside Down

Did you get to see the strawberry moon on Tuesday night?

Even last night it took up half the night sky it shone so magnificently!

The moon controls much more than the ocean tides you know, it affects and directs our inner tides too.

And this year it’s affecting a lot of us in some unexpected and transformative ways.

This past week you might have felt the energy of Sagittarius – this visionary sign that calls us towards the revelations of the subconscious mind, and the potential of our highest self – where everything is possible as long as we keep to our personal truth.

Should you choose to work with the energies this cosmic window of opportunity brings, your life this month will bring you:

  • Optimism and good fortune
  • Enthusiasm and initiative
  • Abundant projects that keep you reaching for things previously out of reach
  • Interesting challenges
  • Intellectual growth
  • Honesty and openness
  • Self expression

This super special time in space calls for the question:

What personal truths have you been suppressing?

If you’ve been feeling stuck, trapped, frustrated, living a life that’s not you and has been making you miserable… the universe, yes, the universe (and I) are trying to help you finally break free.

And it’s got to be now.

Come the end of September this incredible cosmic window of opportunity will close and we might not get another chance like this for years, may be a lifetime.

Whether you believe me or not, the truth is you’ve probably felt what I’m talking about here…

This week I coached a lovely woman from Wicklow who was feeling completely overwhelmed by all this crazy energy and the effect it’s having on her life.

After her first session she emailed me to say:

“Thanks for today, it was a real lifeline. I feel like I have rekindled my hope for a better life.

Peir embraced the chance to take my Happiness Habit course

Some big scary changes are on the horizon, but with the right mind tools and my support she’s gonna be juuust fine 🙂