Public Speaking Mistake Numero Uno

Yup, hit the big 40 yesterday. Woop, woop!

Apparently I’m supposed to be having some sort of mid life crisis, but so far, no big freakout to report, soz!

But I’m still rather amazed and humbled by the ton of lovely congratulatory messages from clients and friends I’ve received. I’m a very lucky gal indeed!

I worked yesterday though. A client I took on as a matter of urgency. A woman from Athlone whose job involves a lot of public speaking.

In fact, she has a thing today she was really freaking out about.

Until she sat on my couch, and she discovered that it’s not confidence she lacks, it’s something else…

See, she’d been focusing on the wrong thing: impressing people.

And you’re either focusing on impressing them, or you’re focusing on helping them out.

One is all about you and your ego, the other is the thing that turns ordinary folk into outstanding speakers.

One often involves acting, putting on a show, pretending you’re someone you’re not… the other involves authenticity, being 100% you; strong you, vulnerable you, charismatic you, flawed you.

Turned out it wasn’t just at work she wasn’t being herself, it was also at home, with her man, her family and friends.

“Aren’t you tired? Pretending you’re perfect and everything’s ok is exhausting man!” I asked.

She was like:

“That’s exactly how I feel, I’m exhausted!” she said.

And you know, all the public speaking tips and tricks in the world will do feck all if you’re not being you and you’re not being real.

Cos you know, your audience can smell bullshit a mile away, it’s an ability most humans possess. We also have the attention span of a fly, especially when bullshit is presented to us.

So we worked on herself coming into herself again, if you get my drift.

We worked on her brain. She discovered how to make more useful pictures inside her head, how to spin more empowering feelings inside her body, how to feel calmer, more at ease, more charismatic, more…

Can’t wait to hear how she got on later on today!


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