Dealing With Bullies And Weirdo People

I love coaching adolescents and young adults. I do.

Funny how a lot of the time they get to me via their parents…

Funny how they often turn out to be the most incredibly trusting, receptive and up for it clients.

This week I coached a lovely girl who was bullied in school.

The bullying majorly affected her confidence. It also made it very difficult for her to deal with people.

So when friends, colleagues or customers made certain remarks or behaved in certain ways, she just didn’t know how to respond or act.

Instead she internalized it, made it about herself, then felt really bad.

See people are gonna say stuff, or they’re not gonna say stuff, they’re gonna do stuff, or they’re not gonna do what you want them to do or what you think they should do.

Tis a fact of life my friend that this will happen till the end of time.

So if you take what people say or not say, do or not do… and take it personally, well then you’re f*cked.

The truth is 99% of the stuff people say, do, don’t say or don’t do… has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

But you know what, I could tell my client and you this till the cows come home, and still it wouldn’t register. Not for long anyways.

So instead, I taught my client how to run her brain more effectively, how to deal with people better, how to think in more useful ways, and how to feel really good about herself more of the time.

Not only did she leave her coaching session feeling great, she also left with the tools that will allow her to continue to feel like a friggin’ Goddess and deal with anyone and anything life throws at her.

She’s a lucky girl, she is. 99% of kids her age will never know what she now knows.

And all of this because She plucked up the courage to contact me…

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