Be Like Coconut Oil (100% Raw.Natural.Organic)


Since I was very little I was aware I was different to other kids. I had sensitivities, rather deep thoughts, and pretty definite ideas about what’s right and wrong, the way people should behave and things should be.

My parents also noticed this early on.

They decided I was stubborn and rebellious. In short, I was trouble.

They worked hard at changing me, making me fit in with the crowd.


Growing up a lot of heated arguments were had, nasty words were said, endless days were spent grounded, and then one day the mother of all slaps was received by my face. The only slap I ever got from my dad left a mark on my right cheek that lasted days, and a wound in my soul that will slightly hurt for all eternity.

Still, I refused to conform and be anything other than me, for better or worse.

Being 100% true to myself has allowed me to live a colorful life so far. By all means not an easy or straight forward one, but an interesting one for sure.

And I’ve always known the worst thing that could happen to me would be to live an ordinary life.

So when I cross paths with people, clients, friends struggling with this conundrum… to be or not to be… You… I feel very strongly about this.

Trying to fit in, pleasing everyone, saying the right thing all the time, behaving, compromising… is friggin’ exhausting!

It will leave you knackered and empty inside.

No one worth knowing will ever truly respect you, admire you, or feel inspired by you for being like this.

Plus, if you’re not being authentic, no one will ever get to know you, and you’ll never really get to know anyone either. I think that’s kind of sad. For there’s nothing better than knowing you’re accepted and loved for just being you.

It takes courage, that’s for sure, but when the time comes for your spirit to leave your physical body, one thing I guarantee you won’t regret is having been like good quality coconut oil… 100% raw, natural and organic.

By all means stay solid, but just like coconut oil, make sure you allow yourself to melt now and again 🙂

Be You. Do You. Like You.

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