Did I Fail Or Did I Succeed..?!

Last Friday I finally got the results to my yoga teacher training exams…

Got 100% marks!

I reeeally didn’t expect that, much less a note from my tutor saying “Your work is impressive!”

Needless to say, after a year of crafting I’m chuffed my work was appreciated.

You know, I could have done that course in less that 3 months, many people do.

But my intention was never to get an ego-boosting piece of certified paper fast.

I wanted to learn. And learning the incredibly amazing stuff I’ve learned takes a good bit of time and determination.

Because I bothered to put in the necessary time and effort, now I can practice and share my learnings confidently, safely and effectively.

When it comes to weight loss or achieving health and fitness goals, many people want results fast.

But real success of the type that blows you away and lasts a lifetime takes 3 things:

1. A little time

2. Discipline

3. Effort

Still, many people will continue to want something for nothing. And that just ain’t gonna happen.

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