The C Word That Will Help You Achieve Your Health & Fitness Goals

This week I had a session with a young woman who’s doing my Happiness Habit coaching course right now.

In this particular session we covered the subject of Values.

Values are decisions about what’s important to us in life.

Only they’re unconscious decisions. They’re kind of passed down to us by parents, family members and educators. I believe some of our values could even come imprinted in our DNA and passed down through generations…

Because I’ve done deep exploratory work on this, I know my top values in life are:

1. Health
2. Love
3. Freedom

Now, for us to be happy in life our values must be reflected in our everyday actions.

This means we must be CONGRUENT; live life congruently with our values.

It’s like a light bulb went off in my client’s head.

“Oh my god, that’s it, I’m not being congruent at all!”

Turns out one of her top values is also Health.

She’s tried out all sorts of diets and exercise plans, but they were only quick fixes that resulted in temporary results.

Nothing she’s done was designed to make her feel physically and mentally healthy long term.

So she hasn’t been feeling healthy, and this has been bringing her down.

It’s what happens when you don’t live congruently with your values.

When health is a top value, the words guilt, guilt trip, bold, bad, clean, embarrassed, binge, stuffed, famished, off the wagon, back on track, starting next Monday… become obsolete.

Because when you, your thoughts and your actions align, you won’t have to struggle any more to get what you want in life, you will attract it more quickly and effortlessly than you ever thought.

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