GYM Fears: Will I Be The FATTEST Person There?

I talked to my family over Skype this week.

My little sister was telling me how she’s really enjoying this new gym she joined. She also said her Rosacea has gotten much better since she’s been following my nutrition advice.

Mum proceeded to stand on a chair to show me she’s put on some muscle mass on her thighs lately, which she’s chuffed about.

Everyone in my family works out.

We’ve always considered working out a natural part of life and of our daily routine. For us it’s not an effort, it’s just something you do… just like taking your daily shower, or brushing your teeth.

But I get that not everyone grew up in a crazy sporty family like mine.

When people come to us for their first strategy session, they come with doubts and fears.

Will I be the fattest person there?

Will I be the unfittest person?

What if I’m not able to do any of the exercises? What if I hurt myself? What if I embarrass myself?

These are perfectly normal worries.

Some people also come with preconceptions about what being a member of a gym is like. Only oftentimes, these preconceptions are based on personal experiences acquired in old style commercial gyms.

There, you often got the big muscle guys pumping iron, grunting, checking themselves out in the mirror and drinking protein.

You got the skinny minnies hogging the cross trainer for an hour straight, with a face full of make up and the latest issue of U Mag.

Or, you got the super fit girl walking around in a tiny top and hot pants, making you feel all inadequate and out of place.

And there you are, wearing the baggiest pants you could get your hands on, too afraid to go into the weights area, and too afraid to ask the girl in the cross trainer to get the feck off…

But at SF Fitness you don’t have to worry about any of that. 

When you join us, you become part of our family. No need for doubts or fears any more. No need to feel embarrassed or intimidated anymore. Here you can be you and do you 🙂

Here we respect each other, work with each other, and support each other.

I’ve spoken to some of our members who used to hate working out, but now they tell me they really look forward to this part of their day!

Don’t believe me yet? Book your strategy session with us and see for yourself…