Digging Your Grave With Your Teeth?

There’s an old Hindu saying that goes:

If we eat to maintain the body, we will not dig our graves with our teeth.

According to the sage who said this donkeys years ago, because we’ve lost sight of the divine within us, we’re now projecting it onto the superficial and shallow pleasures derived through our taste buds.

Sundaradeva was no fool!

According to him, the more we stimulate our taste buds the more stimulation they’ll crave.

And I completely agree with him.

It’s one of the reasons I don’t subscribe to any of the new “paleo”, “gluten free”, “guilt free” food fashions whereby as long as it’s made with dates, cashew butter, bananas and agave syrup, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Well, you can have it, but it’s certainly not calorie free, or guilt free.

Have you ever been sick and not been able to eat for a few days?

When you finally are able to tuck into “normal” food again, a lot of the foods you’d normally eat suddenly taste overly strong, too sweet, too salty, or too spicy.

That’s because they probably are.

It’s why I prefer to stick with fresh, local, seasonal foods prepared¬† in a simple manner that nourish my body and satisfy my taste buds, without causing them to go awol.

See, gustatory stimulation has become so important in our society, because we’re just not able to experience the simple joy of being alive without external sensory stimulation.

We’ve convinced ourselves that food is pleasure. And this false belief is causing many people to over eat, binge, or restrict foods and calories in a way that’s unhealthy, harmful and sometimes down right dangerous.

But imagine enjoying what you eat and eating what you enjoy knowing it’s making you healthier, slimmer, fitter and smarter.

One of the things you’ll discover when you book a strategy session with us is how to eat so you never have to¬†restrict a food again! Imagine that…