Feeding Babies Coke And Getting The Perfect Body

You wouldn’t dream of feeding a baby wine or coke, right? But many adults have these drinks daily, and think nothing of it.

Most of us shudder when we see images of animals being force fed products high in calories and fat. Yet every day many people binge on high calorie, high fat, sugar-laden foods.

We sit our bodies down for 8 hours plus a day, shortening muscles, crushing organs, misaligning the skeleton… but we think exercise places too much pressure on the body.

These are just a few examples to show just how out of touch with our amazing body we humans have become.

We’re so caught up with making the outside look desirable. High coverage make up, hair extensions, prosthetic nails, fake tan, support clothes that tuck us in and push us up…

These might fool others for a while, but they can’t fool our body or our health.

This is why when I talk to my clients about health and fitness, or weight loss, I don’t go on about washboard stomachs, lean legs, or toned arms… I know too many people who have these and still feel like shit.

When you’re truly healthy, you feel it from the inside out; you feel strong, light and just right. Your body feels both relaxed and energized. Your mind feels calm, clear and balanced.

No fad diet, exercise gimmick or fashion accessory will everĀ  induce this feeling. It’s something you get to experience only when you treat your body with respect, care and love.

Still, I don’t know many people in the health and fitness industry who promote this. Most are all about “getting down to the grind”, “no pain, no gain”, or “pushing it to the limit”

At SF Fitness we’ve a completely different approach. It’s the reason our members – men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes – feel so damn good!

It’s hard to explain it in a blog post, but if you want to know what I’m talking about, apply for your personal strategy session here, and you’ll know exactly what I mean.