The Biggest SACRIFICE I’ve Had To Make

Is it possible to have it all?

Well, it seems to me that we can’t have everything we want when we want it.

I learned this lesson a while ago when I made the biggest sacrifice I’ve ever had to make.

When I left my country at 22 years of age, I left in the hope of developing myself personally and professionally so I could live the type of life I wanted to live.

Fearless and hungry for adventure, leaving my parents and siblings wasn’t hard for me back then.

Little did I know being away from them would get harder and harder as time went by.

Getting married to John and setting up a business in Ireland was a bitter sweet time for me.  I knew taking this road meant being away from my family on a more permanent basis.

It suddenly hit me: do I stay and continue on my chosen path, or do I go back home?

For a while I struggled with this heart wrenching decision.

Finally, I chose to be courageous and continue on the path that would allow me to further develop myself and live the best life I can live.

As much as I love my family, as much as I miss them, I know there’s a reason I left. My leaving broke old unhealthy patterns in my family. Because I left, we’ve become closer and better, both individually and together.

I guess what I’m saying is, we all have to make sacrifices in life.

Say you’re not happy with the size or shape of your body. You can choose to eat whatever you want whenever you want and live a sedentary life, which means you sacrifice feeling good about your body.

OR, you can choose do what it takes to enjoy a body you feel good in, and sacrifice immediate gratification.

The question is: what’s worth more to you?

To me, staying in Dublin with my hubby and building a great life together is worth more than going back home to probably a similar life to the one I left 18 years ago.

Your life is shaped by the choices you make, so make wise choices!

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