Extinction Of The STRAIGHT Woman

Supermarkets say people won’t buy ugly vegetables, that’s why all the veg they stock look the same.

Well, I’ve no problem buying ugly veg. In fact, I like my veg like I like my people, unique and a bit rough around the edges.

There are no straight lines in nature, and we should celebrate that.

And yet, so many people – especially women – are intent on making their body look straight from top to bottom.

I know this because many years ago I was one of those women. As a teenager, I suffered from anorexia.

Not eating and working out obsessively worked wonders for the straight lines I was after.

So much so that some people thought I was a boy, others thought I had cancer. True story.

For years I looked exactly the way I wanted to look back then: straight up and down, no boobs, no butt, no hips…

… no energy, no life in my eyes or in my body, no desire to do anything, no will to talk to anyone… I even had to drop out of college cos – ironically – I couldn’t think straight!

I believe I was very lucky to able to turn my health, my body, my mind and my life around.

And now I love my curves!

Now I work on making my body and mind healthy, strong, fit, flexible, energized and happy.

It’s what we do at SFFitness Centre

Now I also part own a fitness centre where we help people who are fed up of trying to be thin and failing time and time again; people who’ve realized the key to a happy life is not looking straight up and down, but being healthy, fit and strong, having energy to do all the things you want to do, loving your body and loving who you are.

Anna x

P.S. If you  too are ready to embrace your uniqueness, and your curves, and work on becoming the best and happiest version of yourself you can be, click here and book yourself in for an assessment and two week trial with us