What INSECURITY Does To Women

You go into a room and this woman eyes you up and down, and it’s not in admiration, but in comparison.

If you’re thinner and/or prettier than her, she’ll immediately feel bad and either ignore you, or treat you weird.

If according to her standards, she’s thinner and/or prettier than you, she’ll immediately feel good, cos she “wins”.

This is one of the – not worst – but saddest things women do to each other. Adult women. Insecure adult women that is…

Now, I don’t claim to be perfect. Who is? But at almost 40 years of age, I feel pretty good about myself. I love my body, and I like who I am.

And I happen to know that one of the best ways to boost your self-esteem is by moving your body, working it, oxygenating it, challenging it, activating every fibre and every cell in it.

I first joined a gym  at age 13, and it’s one of the best things I ever did.

As my my strength, stamina, balance and flexibility grew, so did my self-confidence.

To this day, every time I surprise myself by performing a particular exercise I never thought I’d be able to do, I feel an amazing sense of self-pride and accomplishment

I’ve always had a fear of being upside down. I used to dread those somersaults they made us do in PE class in school!

So when last week, after a lot of practice, I finally single-handedly performed a headstand on the wall, I was absolutely chuffed with myself.

So much so I’ve been doing it every day since. Go figure!

If you’ve any insecurities about your body, just watch it do the beautiful things it does when you challenge it from a place of love, not hate.

When you start to appreciate and embrace your uniqueness, you also start to appreciate and embrace the fact that other women are not better or worse than you, but just as lovable as you are.

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