6 Easy Steps to Help You Beat CRAVINGS

The truth is most of us don’t eat the fruit and vegetables we need to eat every day to ensure good nutrition.

We also don’t have enough good fats, vitamin D, or vitamin C, which are essential for good health.

If our body could talk, it’d be screaming at us to feed it more of those, like asap.

Instead, those screams manifest in the form of cravings.

So, as well as ensuring your body and mind are well fed, here are 6 easy steps to beating cravings for good:

1. Balance your blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar levels means low blood flow to the brain. This means more bad decisions and poor impulse control. To avoid this, always start your day with a nutritious breakfast that contains protein, good fats, and/or fruit and veg. Stay away from simple sugars and refined carbohydrates: fizzy drinks, cookies, white pasta, white rice, white bread. High-sugar foods work on the addiction centers of your brain. Avoid them at all cost!

2. Stay away from artificial sweeteners. We think these sweeteners have no calories, but because they are up to 600 times sweeter than sugar, they may activate the cravings centers in your brain. Instead use stevia, agave syrup, honey, or raisins to sweeten your food.

3. Reduce stress. Anything stressful can trigger certain hormones in your brain that activate cravings making you believe that you have to have that chocolate cake! Yoga, meditation and hypnosis have been proven to significantly reduce stress.

4. Identify your triggers and pre-solve potential episodes. If your trigger is a certain time of the night, make sure you eat plenty of nutritious foods for dinner, or have an afternoon snack and delay dinner by an hour or so. Bring your own healthy snacks to work, so you don’t end up tucking into the cookie jar. Eat before heading out to a party, so you don’t get tempted by the high fat, high sugar, or high salt foods that may be there.

5. Did you know that wheat, gluten and milk allergies can decrease blood flow to the brain? Poor blood flow to your brain, means poor judgment. Know your food allergens and intolerances, and avoid them.

6. Kill your ANTs (automatic negative thoughts). Most people don’t know that just because you have a thought it doesn’t make it true. In fact, a lot of the thoughts we have on a daily basis are plain lies. Questioning your ANTs reduces their power, so now you’re free to choose truer more useful thoughts and healthier behaviors.


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