Is You The QUEEN Of Excuses?

This week I coached a lovely Spanish woman who’s doing my Happiness Habit course.

During our session we worked on goal setting.

Amongst other things, she wants to stop smoking, lose weight and find a partner. All things she’s been trying to do for years.

When I asked her what’s stopping her from achieving her goals, she said:

“Many things. All excuses, I’m the queen of excuses!”

After delving further into this, it turned out 3 key factors have been sabotaging her goals time and time again:


1. A lack of time, which was not really so, but bad organization and time management skills

2. The fear of suffering, which stems from a lack of confidence

3. A low self-esteem


As it turns out, in this case these are not so much excuses, but very valid and real reasons!

Achieving your goals will require you to plan, strategize, rearrange, manage and keep track of your time and your schedule.

It will also require you to be confident, courageous, and gutsy!

Thankfully, these are skills which are learnable. The only thing is, will you bother to learn the key life skills that will help you achieve your goals once and for all..?

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