She Made Us Do Ugly Stuff…

There are many things I’m not great at, but if you want something done, and done fast and well, I’m your woman.

The DOER, that’s who I am.

Discipline is something my parents instilled in my siblings and me from a very young age.

Amatxu Aparicio made us make our bed, tidy and dust our bedroom every morning, before we went to school!

She’d cook delicious meals for us daily, but we’d have to lay the table, wash the dishes, and clean the kitchen spotless¬† after every meal.

We’d also have to run errands for her all the time.

She’d always say “I’m your mum, not your slave!”

Whenever she got angry with us, it was usually because she wanted us to grow some balls and be more proactive, or “os va a comer el mundo!”, which means “the world’s gonna eat you up and spit you out!”

At the time we didn’t understand why we had to do all this stuff on top of our school work. As far as we were concerned, it wasn’t fair.

Now I can’t thank her enough for helping me develop the discipline to do everything I want to do and have to do in my life.

Where many people struggle to work out regularly and consistently, stick to a healthy diet, or finish projects…

I believe I have the secret to unwavering discipline.

Here are some of my top tips:


1) DO what needs to be done, regardless of how you FEEL. If you wait until you feel super motivated to do what you need to do, that might never happen!

2) FOCUS on your ultimate GOAL at all times, not on whether you’re enjoying the task at hand or not. Achieving your goal is gonna require you to do some things you’re gonna enjoy, and other things you’re not gonna enjoy so much.

3) Think of everything that could get in your way, and SOLVE it NOW. What makes a lot of people give up on their dreams is that they focus on what’s getting in the way, as opposed to how to get past it.


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