The Lion, The Reject And The Leader


The lioness and her two cubs were rejected from the pride.

Without the support and protection of the pride, she and her cubs were vulnerable to the beasts out on the planes.

In order to feed her cubs, she had to go hunting and leave them alone for hours.

One day, when she came back to feed them, her cubs had disappeared, gone.

Later on she found one, but a buffalo had broken her little spine. She wouldn’t be able to walk again.

Amongst roars of grief, the lioness left her injured cub behind.

In the jungle, it’s survival of the fittest.

Shortly afterwards, she found her other lost cub. Now she had to feed him, or he too would perish.

With renewed inner strength, she set out to hunt an adult buffalo on her own.

Noticing her fearless determination, the pride that once rejected her decided to follow her.

And so she became the leader of the pride.

I’ve never cried so much watching a wild life documentary in my life! The Last Lions was on yesterday on National Geographic.

This was the story of a lioness willing to do anything and risk everything to survive and keep her family alive. A perfect example of what these beautiful animals are up against every single moment of every single day of their lives.

The inner strength, resilience and fitness they display is both heart wrenching and mind blowing to me.

In the jungle, and in the city, it’s survival of the fittest. Not the thinnest, or the prettiest.

At a time when a lot of women are starting weight loss plans and diets, what if what we needed was not to be thinner, but to be stronger..?


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