The ONLY New Year Resolution You’ll Need

Every year millions of people all around the world make New Year Resolutions.

All over social media you’ll see big claims such as:

“2015 is gonna be my year!”
“This year it’s all happening!”
“Watch out 2015, here I come!”

And other assorted announcements. But according to statistics, 90% plus of all resolutions won’t come to fruition.

Just cos you shout it out on Facebook, just cos you want it badly, it doesn’t mean it’ll happen.

It certainly won’t happen for as long as you continue to lie to yourself.

What do I mean by this?

Well, this year I worked with a lovely woman in her fifties who wanted to get healthy and fit, and lose weight.

With tears in her eyes she told me how much she hated being so unhealthy, and fat, and flabby. She also told me she’d do anything, anything, to achieve her goals.

A few weeks went by and nothing much changed; she lost a few pounds only to put them back on. She’d stopped working out and had buckets of excuses as to why.

What happened is, her mum and sister didn’t understand why she wanted to get healthy and fit.

They kept telling her:

“Sure you’re fine just the way you are”

“All the members in our family are a bit chubby, it’s just the way we are”

“You’ve spent your life raising your children and working hard, you deserve to relax now”

“One piece of cake won’t kill you, don’t be a party pooper!”

They kept tempting her with unhealthy foods and drinks, sabotaging her efforts to go to the gym, making her feel bad for wanting to be better and do better.

Stuff you’d expect from your worst enemy, not your family.

As a result of this, she started lying to herself. She started half believing that maybe she was fine the way she was, maybe she was happy, maybe she shouldn’t bother…

The more she lied to herself, the bigger the internal conflict between her heart and her mind; what she knew in her heart was the right thing to do, against the bullshit people had put in her head.

Until one day she finally crumbled in front of me. She finally admitted to herself and me she’d been lying to herself, and to me. She’d given into her family’s crap.

With the truth finally on the table, she was finally ready to do what needed to be done to achieve her goals.

That was the moment EVERYTHING changed.

This new year, the only resolution you really need to make is to stay true to yourself, no matter what.

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