Melting The Pounds With The BINGO Diet

Recently I’ve been coaching a lovely 19 year old girl from Dublin. Quirky and super smart, she’d been unknowingly sabotaging her own success in school.

She was adamant she wanted to get all A grades.

But the pressure she put on herself to get top grades meant she ended up procrastinating, leaving projects and studying till the last minute. Also, her mind would go blank in exams.

I asked her why she put so much pressure on herself to get all As.

She said because there were a couple of people in her class who always got As, and she wanted to be better than them.

She said if she didn’t get all As, it would mean she’s not good enough.

“So, you’re saying your whole self-esteem and self-worth as a woman depend on a letter, one little letter?” I asked.

She took a couple of seconds to think about this.

“Well, no. That would be silly” she replied.

And yet, so many fully fledged women depend on a number to feel good…

If they’re not a particular weight or size, or the circumference of their thighs is wrong… they’ve zero self-esteem.

When they reach the number they’re so obsessed with, it’s like BINGO, now I’m happy!

But if the number ever goes up by a few digits, forget it, it’s back to black.

Don’t get me wrong, many a moon ago I used to “play Bingo” too. Not any more though!

It’s this obsession with numbers that leads so many women to sabotage themselves.

You don’t want to mess up, but you do. It happens unconsciously, and you can’t explain it.

But I can…

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