Why Cynics Die Young And Unhappy

Some of my friends don’t get what I do for a living. They’re very cynical towards anything or anyone they don’t understand or agree with: NLP coaches, politicians, their boss, rich people, people in general…

One friend specifically has this deep mistrust of of others that over time has turned into a sort of simmering chronic anger.

Every time we talk I can almost see her brain aging at triple speed. She doesn’t know this, and if I told her about it she probably wouldn’t believe me… but cynicism actually causes the brain (and the body) to age faster.

In fact, neuroscientists say it can cause long term brain damage!

Beating your brain with negative thoughts day in and day out is mentally and emotionally draining, to say the least, and also extremely toxic.

Research shows cynical people tend to smoke more, exercise less and weigh more!

They also have a harder time following advice, because their cynical nature won’t let them believe what you tell them…

To top it all off, toxic thinking lowers your immune system, leaving cynical people weaker against disease.

Being a cynic just doesn’t pay off.

Still, when I told my friend about the new SF Fitness Personal Fitness Centre my hubby John and I have recently opened in Dublin, her reaction was one of disbelief and mistrust. It was almost like she thought I was lying and had made the whole thing up!

Imagine that. Imagine having a brain and a mind so toxic you think everyone’s lying and everyone’s out to get you. I know more than one person like this…

This is why it’s good to check your brain now and again. Not literally! Just check your thoughts are actually serving you right 🙂