Dump Your A**hole Boyfriend And This Too


I grew up being told that milk is essential for good health. Over the years, a wide array of cute looking kids and celebrities have been used to advertise and promote daily drinking of the white stuff. So much so, it’s become a widely accepted fact that milk is good for you. It contains calcium, and vitamins and minerals you can’t get anywhere else, right? Wrong.

The only people milk is actually good for are actually not people, but animals, baby animals.

But milk is like that a**hole boyfriend. You know he’s a bad boy, you know he ain’t good for you, but just can’t give it up. Well, here are some reasons you should really consider finally dumping him, and milk forever:

1# The only species designed to digest cow’s milk are baby cows; that’s calves. No other animal can digest it, and that includes us humans. According to statistics, 65% of the human population cannot digest milk past infancy. And that’s because mammals are not designed to drink milk past infancy. And during infancy, they should be drinking milk from their own mother, not a lactating animal from another species.

The main sugar in milk is lactose. The enzyme that breaks down lactose, lactase, stops being produced when we reach 2-5 years old.

If we consume milk (or any other dairy product) after losing the ability to produce lactase, the chances are we’ll have digestive issues. Because the undigested lactose sits in your system and can cause issues such as bloating, cramping, nausea, flatulence and diarrhea. Lactase is converted into galactose and glucose, which elevates blood sugar and causes inflammation.

2# The casein in milk can act as an excitotoxin in the brain. Substances that over stimulate and harm brain cells are referred to as excitotoxins. Casein, a protein found in milk, is an excitotoxin. When it breaks down during digestion, the small particles that result can cross the blood brain barrier and bind to the same opiate receptors in the brain that morphine and cocaine bind to. It’s addictive! It may also trigger an inflammatory response, which is why many people experience achy joints, acne and allergy symptoms after drinking milk (stuffy nose, cough or wheezing). Excitotoxins can lead to brain inflammation and even neuro-degenerative diseases.

3# Milk is not the best source of calcium! Or vitamin D, for that matter. The best way to get vit D is exposure to sunlight, and it’s free! You do need calcium, but not from milk. You are way better off getting calcium from eating a lot of green leafy vegetables, nuts and oily fish. And many brands of almond milk contain more calcium than dairy does. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium, but taking a vitamin D supplement, performing weight-bearing exercises and consuming a lot of green leafy vegetables, almond milk, oily fish and nuts is far healthier and more effective.

4# Lactose is very acidic. Anytime you create an acidic environment in your body, your body must find a way to buffer it in order to keep your blood pH from changing. The natural way for your body to buffer acids is with minerals… from your bones! So if you want to prevent osteoporosis and a lifetime of misery, dump your a**hole boyfriend and dairy too.

What to drink instead? Try cocoa powder in warm almond milk with a few drops of stevia (if needed). Within a few days you’ll notice clearer skin, less bloating, less allergy symptoms or joint pain, more energy, and don’t be too surprised to find out you’ve lost a few pounds too!

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