Why Relationships Suck


Earlier today a client currently taking my Happiness Habit Course asked – half disheartened, half resigned – why is it relationships are so hard?

Oh my… I don’t consider myself to be a relationship expert, but here’s what I do know for sure:

For starters, if the relationship involves a man and a woman, that’s 2 completely different galaxies right there.

Then, you’ve got to add to the mix:

– 2 different pasts and upbringings
– Tons of different life experiences and issues adopted from our parents and other people along the way
– Possibly 2 different cultures or religious beliefs
– 2 different views on what being in a relationship should be like,
– 2 different sets of hopes, goals and dreams
– 2 different ways of doing big and small every day tasks
– 2 different approaches to communication…

I mean, to be completely honest, it’s a friggin’ miracle anyone manages to make a relationship last longer than a few weeks.

So, if you’re in one that’s lasted longer than that and you happen to be genuinely happy, then kudos to you my friend!

Unfortunately, if the divorce and break-up statistics are anything to go by, it’s pretty obvious we’re finding it harder and harder to understand each other, live with each other, and love each other.

Why is that?

Because more and more we’re focusing on things that don’t really matter, and neglecting things that are super important.

The truth is, if you want to find love that lasts, you’re going to have to do a whole lot of work on yourself.

You’re going to have to work on becoming a better person.

When I say better I don’t mean thinner, prettier, sexier or nicer…

I mean you’re going to have to become a more grounded, more centered, more whole, happier, kinder and more compassionate person.

That I know for sure, if you want to finally find love that lasts the test of time.