Driving Anxiety: Kick It To The Kerb!


Many people, especially women, suffer from driving anxiety or the fear of driving.

I’ve helped people for whom the onset was a traumatic past event. But for others it can be a behavior learned from family members, or just the extension of a brain prone to anxiety. These 7 tips will help you finally conquer your fears and kick them to the kerb! Remember…

1# You are the one at the wheel, which means you’re in control of where you go , how you get there and how fast or slow you get there (although this last one also depends on traffic flow)

2# Cars are designed to get you from A to B in the safest and most comfortable way possible

3# Your car, just like your brain, goes where you send it. All you have to do is make sure you focus on the road ahead and your peripheral vision will do the rest

4# Forget ego trippers and road ragers. You’re not there to be the most amazing driver in the world or to please other drivers. You’re there to get to where you want to go in the safest, most comfortable and enjoyable way possible

5# There’s a time for feelings and emotions, and a time to pay attention. A few nerves can be just what you need to stay alert, and when you drive all you have to do is be awake and pay attention

6# Help make driving a more enjoyable experience; studies show baroque music helps you relax and concentrate better on the task at hand. Try listening to Bach or Vivaldi whilst you drive! Lavender also acts as a brain relaxant, so get a lavender scented air freshener

7# Help yourself relax into it by finding how to get to new places in advance until you feel more confident. Imagine yourself as a confident driver, notice how you look in your mind’s eye, what you tell yourself inside your head, how you feel when you’re calm and collected, and how well you handle yourself

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