Are You Depressed? Take This Test And Find Out










Over the years I’ve had many clients tell me that they think they’re depressed.

I’ve had clients contact me after they’ve been to the doctor. I’ve also had referrals from doctors whose patients weren’t really depressed…

How do you know whether you’re really depressed or it’s just a face you’re going through?

The following test is the result of years of experience as a mind coach and student of the brain. These are the signs I believe we should check for before making up our minds or labeling ourselves.

If you recognize in yourself a lot or all of these symptoms, and they’ve persisted for a while, you might actually be depressed:


1. I feel sad a lot of the time and I cry a lot

2. I’m in a cycle of negative thinking, and feel moody and irritable

3. I’ve very low energy and no motivation

4. I’ve no interest in being around people, doing fun things, or having sex

5. I feel helpless and hopeless about the future

6. I’m very dissatisfied and bored with my life

7. I have suicidal thoughts

8. I sleep far too much OR I sleep far too little

9.  I’ve a massive appetite OR I’ve no appetite at all

10. I’ve a low self-esteem

11. I find it hard to focus and concentrate on tasks

12. I’m very forgetful

13. I’m extremely sensitive to loud noises and smells


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