How To Destroy Your Self-esteem In 7 Easy Steps

Cautionary note: I wrote this post in a pretty obvious sarcastic tone. But just in case, I’ll clarify… basically, what you want to do is the opposite of what I suggest here. That is, if you want to give your self-esteem a massive boost and feel great about yourself 😉

1. HAVE NO PURPOSE IN LIFE: Never wonder what it is you’ve been put on this planet for, what else is there besides the daily grind and besides yourself, why you wake up in the morning, and why should anyone care. Do not have any personal or professional goals, objectives or aspirations. Instead, just let the days go by, one identical day after the other, let life happen to you, and hope for the best, or don’t have any hope at all.

2. HAVE NO STANDARDS WHATSOEVER: Believe in nothing. Have no standards, code or core belief system to guide you through life and influence how you think, behave and react. Let people take advantage of you and walk all over you. Behave like a doormat, or like a bully, sure why not… nothing and no one matters.

3. HAVE ZERO PRIDE IN YOUR APPEARANCE: Hate who you are and what your body looks like with every fiber of your being. Spend all your time, effort and money either trying to change yourself, or not caring at all what you look like and how you come across to others. Hide under dull baggy clothes, avoid socializing, avoid looking in the mirror, or look in the mirror and cry, insult and criticize yourself for looking the way you do.

4. HAVE NO HOBBIES OR INTERESTS OUTSIDE YOUR JOB: After your usual 8 plus hours sitting at a desk, go home and spend evening after evening sitting on the couch, eating take away food and watching soap operas and reality TV shows. Afterwards, you can either replay all the drama in your head over and over again as you  relate it to events in your own life, or you can feel bad about the fact that Kim K seems to have it all, whilst you have nothing going for you. That will really make you feel like a million bucks… not.

5. DWELL UPON HOW UNFAIR YOUR LIFE HAS BEEN: Worry, worry, worry. Spend your days reliving unpleasant past experiences and making them even worse in your mind. Hold on to those experiences for dear life and let them stop you from sleeping well at night, and from living the life you want and deserve to live. No matter how debilitating and tough those experiences were, always keep them to yourself, never share them with anyone else or seek professional help to help you finally overcome them.

6. COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS: Compare yourself to others all the time, but only in a way that makes you feel really inferior, fat and ugly, like you’re not good enough and no one will ever love you. Be jealous and envious of family members, friends or colleagues; of how they seem to be getting on with life and achieving their goals whilst you’re left behind. Maybe even blame them for your shortcomings or subversively manipulate them, making them feel sorry for you, or guilty.

7. PAY NO ATTENTION TO YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS WHATSOEVER: Eat what you want when you want. Live on comfort foods and fast food. Drink only coffee, soft drinks and alcohol. Avoid vegetables, fruit and water. Lead a sedentary life that involves sitting on a chair or slouching on the coach for hours on end, before you go to bed. By all means, pay no attention to the latest scientific research that proves that you really are what you eat, and that what you put in your mouth directly affects how you feel about yourself, the type of thoughts you have, and how you perform in every area of your life.


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