Need to improve your memory? Learn to W.R.A.P!

Are you terrible at remembering people’s names?

Do you find it hard to memorize or retain information?

Have you ever forgotten to do things that were important to you?

As much as we like to blame age, it’s not always the reason for a bad memory.

Because thankfully, our brains continue to restore and generate new neurons as we age.

Young people also have a hard time remembering names, words, and even events. When we are young, we link or associate names to a small amount of sensory input, for example, visual. We don’t even think about this… but we need to, because the more you use your brain, the better your memory!

The longer we live, the more experiences we have, the more people we meet, and the more information we process. So relying solely on visual input becomes no longer good enough.

This is when it becomes important in order to remember a name, to start to associate the quality of their voice, the feel of their hand, and maybe even a unique scent. The more senses you can associate to a name, the easier it is to recall.

Wanna become better at remembering names, numbers, events, or important things you need to do?

Use the W.R.A.P Method. It goes like this:

1. Writing:  write it down in a place you will look again

2. Repetition:  repeat the info to yourself or out loud

3. Association:  link new information to something familiar (a thing, a sound, a scent…)

4. Picture it:  make a mental picture of what you want to remember in your head

It’s a super effective strategy!

Imagine a toddler as he examines a toy, touches it, shakes it and puts in his mouth. This is how his growing brain learns and associates and develops many sensations that will become his memory of the toy.

For all of us, the stronger the sensations, the easier it is to access the memory.

We have all developed patterns and routines. But if we want to improve our brain function and memory, we can add a little unpredictability and adventure into our lives. Our brain likes the unexpected and new.  It can get bored sometimes, you know.  It’s as if it is saying “next thing please!”

So you can begin to get curious and do some or many things differently.

For example, close your eyes and get dressed for work. Wear earplugs and smell the fragrances around you.  Use a different hand to do tasks like brushing your teeth, or combing your hair… be creative, experiment! You can exercise and improve your memory, and enhance your brain function at any age!
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