What Is Your STRESS Personality?

These are strategies for the 9 different personality types. Who are you under stress?

1. The Perfectionist becomes over emotional in times of stress and relaxes by doing fun things

2. The stressed Helper gets more aggressive and pushy and focusing on nature and/or culture relaxes him

3. The Successful Worker in times of stress either becomes lazy or starts to do irrelevant tasks. Whereas in relaxation he thinks more about risks and philosophizes more

4. The stressed Romantic becomes needy and clamors for help. She finds relaxation by setting high goals and work hard

5. The Analyst in times of stress flees for her problems into “fun” activities. Whereas she relaxes when she takes charge

6. In stress the Loyalist becomes shallow and focused on status and money. In relaxation she reaches out and forges real friendships

7. The stressed Hedonist becomes angry and perfectionistic. She relaxes by reading a good book or walking alone for some time

8. The Boss in times of stress isolates herself and scares other people away. While relaxed, she helps others and is very social

9. The stressed Mediator over thinks stuff, worries and becomes suspicious. In relaxation, she starts new projects and focuses on practicalities

 So, who are you under stress?

This knowledge is really helpful to help you recognize the earliest signs of stress in yourself. The next step is to find out what you can do to stop these stress behaviors, start to relax and enjoy life more.

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