Job Hunting With Little Experience In A Bad Economy?

According to Ashby’s Law, also called the Law of Requisite Variety, in order to successfully adapt to the current economy, survive and even thrive, we need to be more flexible.

We need to take note of what’s happening, and if what we’re doing isn’t working then we need to do something else.

The truth is, we cant approach job hunting like we did years ago, when we left a job on a Friday and by Monday we had a new one lined up.

Now, a lot of people are feeling very frustrated with the economy, the current job market and the lack of opportunities.

But also, many people are failing at achieving their goals in this and other areas because they have only one way of achieving them.

What I think will help is to come up with multiple routes and multiple opportunities to reach our goals.

Many companies require a certain amount of experience, experience you might not have.

To top it all off, they don’t want to invest money, time and effort in training you.

So, what will you do?

This is not a one answer question. This is a multiple answer question.

The more ways you come up with to achieve your goal the more chances you have of achieving it.

Apply for a company that will invest in you, apply for an internship and get experience for free, apply for jobs abroad, let everyone know you’re looking for a job…

Motion creates emotion, so it’s important to stay active and focused on the end result, as you think of as many ways as possible you can achieve your goal. This requires you to think outside the box, be creative and use your entrepreneurial skills more.

A wise man once told me:

No one is gonna give you a job because you need it, they’re gonna give you a job because they need you.

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