A Quick Course In Miracles

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It doesn’t take too much effort to find out the statistics:

Right now there are 60 countries involved in war in the world. That’s not counting regional conflicts. 60 wars happening all over the world, some of which started back in the 70s. Thousands and thousands of fatalities, injuries, torture, disease…

Right now millions of people – men, women and children – lie in hospital beds suffering from deadly, or long and painful illnesses.

Thousands of families will be drinking contaminated water today, or no water at all. They’ll be eating one meal today, or no meals at all. They’ll be walking around wearing old broken shoes, or no shoes at all.

Right now thousands of people are fleeing their war or poverty stricken countries. They’re risking their lives embarking in overcrowded dinghies and sailing across dangerous seas hoping to reach better shores.

Every year tons of people are kidnapped or just disappear never to be seen again.

21 million people around the world still live in slavery today. Many underage girls are being kept as sex slaves and made to work around the clock.

In the US alone the number of adults who collapse and die suddenly without any apparent cause is over half a million a year. In Ireland 100 people under 35 years old die every year of sudden cardiac death.

I think the fact that you and I are well and healthy, and wealthy enough to be reading this from the comfort of a warm office or home today is a friggin’ MIRACLE, don’t you think?

It’s a miracle!

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