The Biggest Saboteur Of Your Success And Happiness


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I don’t know if you watched the Oscars this year. Steve McQueen, who’s movie 12 Years A Slave won best film, said in his speech that everyone deserves not just to survive, but to have a good life.

He was referring to everyone, to you and me… but mostly to the 30 million people all over the world who still live in slavery.

In fact, it’s said there are more people in slavery today than at any other time in history. I believe that, and I dare add a few more million, who are slaves to their mind.

Living a fulfilling and abundant life is inherently our right from the moment we’re born.

And yet, have you ever felt like success or happiness seems to evade you no matter how much you do or how hard you try?

Most of us are fed the wrong information by our parents, educators, the media and society. Apparently, wanting to live an abundant and fulfilling life is selfish and a bad thing to desire…

Many people believe that rich people are not to be trusted, that they exploit the poor, that they get rich by deceiving, lying and taking advantage of others… my own parents hold these beliefs to this very day.

It’s a mindset of scarcity and poverty.

If you, like me, grew up in an environment like this, it’s pretty much inescapable that these beliefs have sieved through into your unconscious mind.

Your unconscious mind is where the majority of your beliefs, thought patterns and habits are rooted.

If the beliefs engrained in your unconscious mind aren’t in alignment with what you consciously desire, you’re going to struggle to make any long-lasting positive changes in your life.

To attract what you want into your life you must believe you deserve it and have deserved it from the moment you were born, just for being a human and being alive.

This is the reason so many people feel uncomfortable when they reach their goals. Because deep down they don’t feel deserving.

It doesn’t matter how desperately you want something or how hard you work for it. If your unconscious and conscious mind aren’t in alignment, you create a massive imbalance in your energy field that sends a confusing message out into the universe.

You’re essentially a slave to your unconscious mind.

If you feel undeserving, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll unconsciously sabotage yourself over and over again. Sabotage will happen in different ways too… sometimes in the form of an “unexpected” setback, expense, injury or illness… whatever matches your unconscious vibrations.

It’s not down to bad luck, or life… according to this universal law, wherever you’re at right now in your personal and professional life, you’ve unconsciously attracted.

No matter how shitty things might be…

I believe this because I’ve experienced it. And I’ve also experienced the opposite, a state we commonly call Flow, or being in the Zone, where you feel great and everything goes exactly the way you want it to go, and it feels effortless and natural and enjoyable and peaceful and freeing and amazing…

I talk about vibrations because that’s what we really are: energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Whether you believe this to be true or not is irrelevant. It has already been scientifically proven. In fact it was proven hundreds of years ago not by one but many scientific geniuses all over the world. They all agree, and I for one am not going to believe my parents over these genius people who continue to devote their lives to studying the universe and the human condition.

So, the key to getting what you want and maintaining it lies not in working harder or for longer, but in matching your vibrational frequency to that of the things, people, and stuff you desire.

This is where NLP comes into play. Better, faster, longer lasting results in every area of your life don’t come with more effort, mental strength or will power. They come when your vibrations match the vibrations of the things you desire.

I’m living proof, as are many of my clients, who’ve gone from being slaves to their mind to being human magnets, attracting all things wonderful and happiness inducing.

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