Do You Ever Feel Like You’ll Never Be Happy?

Do you ever feel like you’ll never be happy?

You run a quick check over your life and identify all the crappy things that happened in your past, everything you hate right now, and all those things you haven’t achieved yet…

Then we think about that some more and we feel miserable for hours. And that’s ok, we’re only human after all.

But – and I don’t mean to patronize you here – what about your face, have you checked your face lately?

Fact: Unhappy people smile less than happy people.

We like to think that we’re unhappy, and that’s the reason we don’t smile much. Few of us ever stop to ask the question:

Could the lack of smiling be at the root of our unhappiness?

See, smiling has a big impact on the brain.

Sometimes feeling great is the source of our smile, and sometimes our smile can be the source of us feeling great. In fact, scientific studies show that the simple act of smiling triggers big changes in the landscape of our brain. And frowning also triggers changes in our brain.

Studies on the brain show that the simple act of smiling causes us to feel happy. These studies also show that smiling causes physiological changes in the brain that cool your blood. This cooling of the blood results in you feeling more positive. Conversely, frowning warms your blood, which causes you to feel more negative.

This process happens just like this, regardless of extrinsic factors. It has nothing to do with our financial situation, our work load, our stress levels, or other unwanted situations.

One particularly interesting study found that these changes in the brain can even happen just by saying the letter “e” and “o” over and over again. Saying the letter “e” forces a slight smile and saying the letter “o” forces a slight frown.

Another study found that people who put a pencil between their teeth feel better than those who put a pencil between their lips. The former forces a slight smile, the later a slight frown… and the brain follows. Try it!

Studies also show that smiling releases t-cells into our body which help keep us from getting sick.

And still, a lot of us smile nowhere near enough for our own good.

So one of my goals for 2014 is to increase my happiness by smiling more!

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Here is a great video you can watch on the value of a smile:  

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