How Messed Up Is Your Thinking?


What we think about we bring about

If as the saying goes, we become what we most think about, what are you in the process of becoming?

Take this test to identify thinking errors that could be messing up your head, and your life!

1. All Or Nothing Thinking: Do you look at things in black and white? Is it all or nothing with you? Common phrases used by all or nothing type people are: “I’m a total loser,” “Nothing’s going right,” “All hope is lost,” “everyone hates me”, “I’ll never get what I want”… situations, things and people are perceived in absolute terms. Often not a reflection of reality. There are at least 50 shades of grey,a s well as all the colors of the rainbow.

2. Overgeneralizing: This is when you view a single negative event in your life as part of an ongoing pattern of defeat, destruction and failure. You might say or think things like: “This just shows how crap my life is”, or “typical, here we go again”.

3. The Mind Filter: Do you dwell on the negative and ignore the positives?  You’ve some great things going on in your life, but all you can focus on is the things you don’t like. This is an example of distorted thinking. Gratitude comes to mind here too…

4. Discounting The Positive: You insist your positive qualities or accomplishments don’t really count. When someone pays you a compliment about your appearance or performance you downplay it, or make excuses for it, or completely ignore it.

5. Jumping To Conclusions: You always assume the worst, even if there is no evidence to support your assumption.
You think people are reacting negatively to you, when really, you don’t know. Or you believe situations will end badly. Basically, you act as if you’re a mind reader and fortune teller, which you’re not. Unless you really are one, that is.

6. Magnifying Or Minimizing: Magnification, or catastrophizing, happens when you blow things out of proportion, like with “This is the worst thing that could happen!”, or “this is the end of me!”. Minimization happens when you minimize the importance of things. So, for example, “Amongst all the applicants I got the job, but it’s no big deal really”.

7. Emotional Reasoning: You believe your feelings are reality. “I feel like an idiot”, so you tell yourself you really are one. Don’t believe everything you feel.

8. Shouldding: Critical statements used against ourselves and others to tell us we should, must, ought to and have to do certain things. “I should go to the gym”, “I really ought to eat more healthily”… Quit shouldding all over yourself, and start doing.

9. Labeling: You label yourself or others with unflattering names out of anger or frustration. “I’m such an idiot!”, “he’s such a loser…”, “she’s a bitch”. Leave labeling to supermarkets!

10. Blaming: You blame yourself for something that wasn’t entirely your fault, or you blame others and overlook your contribution to the problem. Stop the blame game, now.

So, how many have you ticked? Not to worry, you can always change your mind. And a mind changed is a life changed!

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